Our Story as “Fhix45 (Pvt) Ltd”, a leading fitness establishment in Colombo, began on the 7th June, 2017.
When the company was founded and registered by its partners - Kumar Kanasabay and Daniel Thambyrajah. The boutique fitness studio began with the aim of providing Functional, Hybrid and Innovative fitness training under the motto; Be Functional. Fhix45 has since provided personalized and practical Functional Fitness solutions for a wide range and variety of clientele, under the watchful eyes of our dedicated and charismatic group of trainers.

Our Philosophy

‘Fhix’ stands for ‘Functional Hybrid Innovative eXperiences’. This concept is based on two key beliefs;
1. Individuals need to be fully Functional - physically, mentally, emotionally and socially - in order to be effective and impactful in their personal, social and corporate lives;
2. Fitness involves more than just physical exercises – it is a concept built on the pillars of ‘Wellness’ and ‘Wellbeing’.
This comprises a Hybrid of fields such as mobility, nutrition, health, mental wellbeing combined with constant Innovation to create a meaningful and impactful eXperience, that lasts beyond a training session.

Our Journey

Having begun our Fitness Journey with two trainers and a single client, today, the Fhix Family has grown to a community that includes 5 trainers, 6 administrative staff members and an active client base of 75 that is steadily expanding every month.

Our Studio

We cater to school and university students, athletes, corporate employees, sports teams, executives, fitness enthusiasts and a variety of other clients who follow weight-loss, weight-gain, strength, mobility and functional fitness programs throughout the week.

Our Trainers

All Fhix45’s trainers, both male and female, have excelled in a variety of sports and fitness-related activities and are certified instructors with long-standing experience and in-depth training in the fitness industry.

Our Patners

Fhix45 has partnered with several industry-leading nutritionists, physiotherapists and chiropractors in order to provide a value-addition to clients and help them achieve their fitness goals in a holistic manner.